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What is Postistic?

Postistic is a web suite that helps you to connect 10 biggest social media and marketing platform at one place. So you can handle your posts and news under the same roof.

Share your images, videos or a simple text post from one place to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, Marketing emails, Whatsapp, Viber and Instagram.

Save your time by scheduling post for days, weeks or months.

It goes without saying…

It’s so much EASIER to get a huge targeting audience online today.

Social Media place a royal part for engaging your business with great profits.

And to get customers, all YOU have to do is engaging connections smoothly, securely and quickly. Give them stunning content and attractive posts that gets their attention.

But what to do??? If you have huge audience on different social media. And to get their attention, you have to post your business news and announcements from different platforms.

WAIT! there is SOLID & BETTER way of Sharing From One Place.

The GREATEST audience of buyers of all time at simple click.

Not Only This! Postistic Live is Brand New One and Only Platform That provide you a way to go live through YouTube and Postistic. LIVE STREAMING on all social media at a time is a BIGGEST Challenge. But Postistic can do this.


  • The user-friendly environment provides you easy to use features.
  • Easy to build 10 Major Social Media connections.
  • Easy to create all types of posts e.g. text, image or video.
  • Schedule your post for auto-posting.
  • Go Live and get connected with your audience of different social media at a time.
  • Manageable through mobile.
  • Save you 90% Time of spending on different platforms.
  • In-Budget. No hidden fee or monthly installments.
  • Postistic can help you … Put at least $$$ in your pocket. Month to month. But notice, its price will increase by the hour, the clock is running.


Visit Postistic Live


Today before the price rose for good!

Most apps, give you the basics (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) like them, but no one really gives you access to the power of WhatsApp like Postistic.

Only this feature is worth your investment today.

You can get leads and sales for free from Facebook

You can generate tons of views from Pinterest

You can get more customers for your services

You will save a TON of time with tedious marketing tasks that last forever and drain your energy every day.

Just being easy to use when it comes to Postistic is worth investing alone.

But when you consider that:

But if you really want to enhance Postistic’s earning power and generate separate full-time income with a part-time effort, then you can use Postisitc to run your own posting service for the owner. . . Online and offline business.

You can charge $ 1k on multiple platforms per month or you can charge $ 250 per platform per month.

Just 3 local business owners at $ 1,000 a month will help bring in $ 36,000 a year before taxes.

And all you’d have to do is just load up Postistic, schedule out all of the content, collect your check and go live life the way you truly want!

​Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Imagine traveling, playing a round of golf – knowing you’re earning some life-changing income by using a simple yet powerful posting and sharing app that delivers great results.

​And you don’t have to stop at $3,000.

Heck, why not get 10 businesses at $1,000 apiece? Or even 20?

The choice is yours and Postistic can help you with all the hard work! Take action today, in order to bring happiness to your family, they deserve it.

How Does Postistic Work?

To start using Postistic is quite simple. It works in four basic steps:

Step 1: Register your account

You need to do this to have access to the software to start posting with Postistic.

Step 2: Create a campaign

Use Postistic to develop posts with video, images, and text.

Step 3: Link Social Media Apps

This helps to set up credentials on your social media apps.

Step 4: Trigger or Schedule your post

There are two options to this step for you to schedule or share your posts immediately:

  1. You are able to post immediately by clicking Trigger.
  2. You can schedule your posts for particular periods or dates by clicking on schedule.


It is easy to use software

It is newbie-friendly

Requires no high skill level to use the tool

It saves you time if you have to post individually on all social media platforms


None known so far


Postistic is truly a versatile social sharing tool. Considering it for your social media marketing is something reasonable to do, and that’s why I advise it.

Thank you indeed for your interest and sparing the time to go through my Postistic Review. I am optimistic that my review has helped in a way to help you get a good insight on how the tool works to make your social media content easy to post on all networks with only a few clicks of the button.


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