Pinkies Adventure game review

If your child is a fan of My Little Pony, he/she will have a lot of fun playing this game. Pinkies Adventure is an exciting game where you need to make an exciting adventure by crossing different platforms. Thanks to the kid-friendly gameplay, this game is easy to play for children of all ages. Before enjoying this game, let's explore it!
Basically, this is an adventure game that you can enjoy on an internet-connected desktop. Players will control a favorite character in My Little Pony, which is Pinkie Pie. Your task is to make sure that Pinkie Pie goes through different platforms. You will be provided with many interesting maps, which will be a place to help you jump from place to place.
Although very simple in this game, you will really have a fun time with the experiences to overcome different challenges. From the fact that you have to jump over platforms, at first it's very simple, the harder it becomes afterward. I was able to participate fully in the game because of those short challenges. I try step by step to pass each different map. because I want to discover all the challenges that the game offers.
The controls are very simple, press the right arrow key to move right, left arrow to move to left and up arrow keys to jump. When you get to the darkroom, you have to know that the game is complete because there is nothing else to do, which means you have won the Pinkies Adventure! Another thing that will appeal to you is the use of colors for this game. Everything is bright and colorful. For children, this color scheme is attractive and interesting. In addition to the pictures, there is also a piece of cute background music that will surely delight many children!
Pinkies Adventure is a game designed for kids who love ponies and even adults who love adventure games. It gives them the opportunity to overcome various challenges in life. This is definitely a good kids game and you definitely love it. Try it now!


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