Cannaful Valley CBD Oil he just remembers hanging with Joanna and one of her friends,but he says he blacked out.Could he have really been going to see me?It was Halloween,did that make her feel stronger because of her being a Satanist?I don't know.Thanks again for reading.I'm still so lonely and hurt. Lost job, son almost died, son got out of his career, he got arrested, i see many dead birds when i bike ride, black feathers around us, ants in our house, strange because they sometimes have no trail, wife and i woke up with ants under wifes pillow and in her hair, our little dog died out of nowhere, wifes car has check engine on, new car, our other car windows keep breaking, plants have died, even though they were coming back after a freeze and our neighbors plants survied ours died, was doing great in class, headaches started, had to get meds, meds made me psychotic so i stopped them, had a dream of a lady in grey pushing me at my computer, woke up on my left side and not being able to move as if i were paralyzed, 2 days.

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