ChillWell Portable AC  Frequently asked questions (faqs) is ChillWell Portable AC safe? Sure. It may additionally be suffering from overheating or tip-overs, as mentioned above. ChillWell Portable AC makes use of 650w in low settings. ChillWell Portable AC uses 1200w in high settings. Is the setup too complex for ChillWell Portable AC? Despite the fact that the ChillWell Portable AC is easy to begin, it may simplest be finished via a single individual. Turn the heater off before plugging it into a socket 110-125v/50hz. The on button must be pressed until the indicator mild is going off. Individuals can modify their temperature by way of urgent the on button until it turns off. Can you operate an ChillWell Portable AC in a toilet? ChillWell Portable AC need to never be used in bathrooms and wet areas. Those regions can simplest be heated with the aid of a ul-rated heater. ChillWell Portable AC isn't suitable for them. The heater must be linked directly to a wall outlet. The heater must not be attached to an extension wire or timer. 

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