Tvidler  Earwax can be too thick for many people. The clogged ear can severely affect hearing. The amount of wax produced in the ear can’t be controlled by any human being. It is vital and necessary for cleaning. It is responsible for the removal of dirt and bacteria. It is found in the ear wax glands. It is also known as glandular Leguminosae in the medical world. The front ear canal is where the earwax glands can be found. This is where the secretion takes place. Medically speaking, the structure of earwax glands is similar to that of sweat glands. Over 1,000 substances are found in-ear secretion, but not all have been identified. It has been shown that cerumen is antibacterial. It is important to make it difficult for small invaders like bacteria. It is important to ensure that your ear wax is sufficient. It can even prevent middle ear infections. A disturbed removal of secretion is the main cause of clogged ears. For cleaning the ear, cotton swabs and ear swabs are not recommended. 

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