ALPHA HEATER  It is available at an affordable price. Not only is its cost relatively low, but also the company is offering additional discounts when you purchase it in bulk. It is relatively cost-effective as if you use it every day, it will only cost you 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. So you can easily afford it and pay the electric bills. Overheat Protection Alpha Heaters have their Thermo states fixed so that the temperature reaches 104 Fahrenheit whenever the temperature reaches 122F. It works as a warning to prevent overheating, and whenever this happens three times continuously, the device automatically stops. It is good that you turn off the heater by yourself after 6 hours, but if you do not, the device will do it on its own. 3-Second heat up You can take this feature as it is a fantastic feature of Alpha Heater. It takes only three seconds to get itself prepared to provide you heat. So you get an instant elevation in the room temperature. Nano filters Alpha Heater has inbuilt nano filters to filter all the dust particles from the air. So the air it throws becomes clear and fresh, free from any pollution, pollens, germs, and smell. 

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