How Does Serotonin Affect Your Mood?

Mental health symptomsEach type of mental illness causes its own symptoms.  Memory Plus Program Review  But many share some common characteristics.Common signs of several mental illnesses may include:not eating enough or overeatinghaving insomnia or sleeping too muchdistancing yourself from other people and favorite activitiesfeeling fatigue even with enough sleepfeeling numbness or lacking empathyexperiencing unexplainable body pains or achinessfeeling hopeless, helpless or lostsmoking, drinking, or using illicit drugs more than ever beforefeeling confusion, forgetfulness, irritability, anger, anxiety, sadness, or frightconstantly fighting or arguing with friends and familyhaving extreme mood swings that cause relationship problemshaving constant flashbacks or thoughts that you can’t get out of your headhearing voices in your head that you can’t stophaving thoughts of hurting yourself or other peoplebeing unable to carry out day-to-day activities and choresStress and periods of emotional distress can lead to an episode of symptoms. That may make it difficult for you to maintain normal behavior and activities. This period is sometimes called a nervous or mental breakdown. Read more about these episodes and the symptoms they cause.
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