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Derwin Gray Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey

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Založen: 20.8.2018

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PříspěvekZaslal: čt Kvě 16, 2019 4:20    Předmět: Derwin Gray Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey Citovat

Despite his importance to the Steelers team and their offense Derwin Gray Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey , you didn’t want to talk about the situation. Despite the holdout that lent itself to an uncertainty about how his absence would affect Pittsburgh’s championship aspirations, you were tired of talking about it. Despite everyone else on the planet talking about it on a daily basis as if it were a relevant and important topic, you didn’t want to read about it. “Should the Steelers draft a running back in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft?” we often asked via various articles last winter and spring after Pittsburgh placed the franchise tag on him for a second straight year. “Do we need another article about this?” you rhetorically asked in various comments to said articles. “Steelers superstar running back [redacted] says he won’t participate in OTAs, mini-camp or training camp again this year,” wrote ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler last spring. “Why do we need to know about that?” you asked last spring. “Will James Conner benefit from the absence of Steelers superstar running back [redacted] as the team prepares for the 2018 regular season?” a lot of us asked via various training camp articles this past summer. “I sure hope so,” you said in response to these various articles. “Also, do we have to keep talking about this?”“It is being reported by many well-connected NFL insiders that [redacted] could sit out the SteelersWeek 1 match-up against the Browns at Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium,” one of the breaking news types from BTSC wrote in early September. “You mean we’re still talking about this?” you rhetorically responded in many comments to said article. “Can the Steelers offense function with James Conner as the workhorse running back this week against the Browns?” many of us asked in various opinion pieces in the wake of the news that [redacted] would not be reporting to the Steelers prior to their Week 1 match-up with the Browns at Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium. “I have much confidence in James Conner,” you said in various comments to said articles. “Also, do we still have to keep reading about [redacted]?”“Hey, let’s have a round-table discussion about Steelers star running back [redacted] on our NFL studio show,” said a lot of network executives as the [redacted] holdout continued through the first half of the 2018 regular season. “Yes, but why are we having round-table discussions about [redacted] on this site?” you often asked as the holdout continued through the first half of the 2018 regular season.“Credible sources indicate that [redacted] could report to the Steelers facilities during the team’s bye week,” wrote someone from BTSC when it was initially reported by major outlets who thought it was news. “Is this even news anymore?” you rhetorically responded to our article about their article. “Look, this whole thing is just dividing the fan base,” you often said. “To continue to write articles about it just fans the flames for further vitriol between us.” Fair enough. Just take a look at some excerpts of various disagreements among the readers regarding the [redacted] situation: “I don’t think he’s worth $15 million. I think the Steelers should use that money to replenish other parts of the roster.” “Oh yeah, well I do think the Steelers should give him what he wants. He’s a generational talent.” “He is not a generational talent.” “Yes he is.” Just ugly. The responses to our postings of [redacted] articles on Facebook were even worse:“Coach Tomlinson never has his team prepared to play against inferior opponents!”“No way, not until they stand!”“Go Steelers, all the way from Mexico City!” OK, here we are, and Tuesday’s 4 p.m. deadline for [redacted] to report to the Steelers in order to be eligible to play in the 2018 regular season has come and gone. [Redacted] did not report Derwin Gray Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey , which means we will not have to talk about him anymore.No more articles about trading [redacted]. No more articles about his importance. No more articles about his absence. No more articles about his social media activities. No more articles about his contract situation. Most importantly, no more division. “Do we have to keep talking about this?” At long last, the answer is “no.”We can finally move on from this totally irrelevant yet somehow divisive topic. All those positive vibes created by their big win over Baltimore three weeks ago are gone 鈥?mostly forgotten.The Browns are fading fast.And coach Hue Jackson or offensive coordinator Todd Haley could vanish soon."We have to go to the drawing board," Jackson said following a 33-18 loss Sunday to the Steelers that wasn't that close. "We have to get better. We aren't where we need to be, bottom line."Cleveland squandered early scoring chances, settling for field goals when touchdowns were needed, and the Browns (2-5-1) dropped their third straight game, raising more questions about Jackson's future.A week after pledging to do whatever was necessary to fix Haley's offense, Jackson, now 3-36-1 in two-plus seasons, doesn't seem to have a strong handle on any aspect of his team.Cleveland gained 119 yards in the first quarter 鈥?but just 118 more over the final three. The Browns line didn't do enough to protect rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield; the playmakers didn't make enough plays; and once again, Cleveland's offense bogged down after the defense forced turnovers.The Browns also allowed 421 yards and missed numerous chances to tackle Steelers running back James Conner, who picked up 146 and scored twice. Also, kicker Greg Joseph was off target on a field goal and extra point.Following the game, Jackson used the word "disheartening" to describe the wayward kicks.He might as well been talking about his team's overall performance as the Browns dropped their 15th straight game at Heinz Field."It was a chance for us again to make a mark in the AFC North," Jackson said. "Seems like we didn't grab what I think we had a chance to grab."The loss followed another turbulent week for the Browns, who have lost 25 consecutive road games 鈥?one shy of the NFL record held by the Detroit Lions (2007-10). Jackson's postgame comments in Tampa Bay last week about "diving" in to help Haley turned into awkward news conferences during which both coaches insisted they were united.Jackson refused to dignify a report that he may soon fire Haley if the team doesn't improve on offense."I don't want to talk about or give legs to anything about last week," Jackson said. "I said what I said out of frustration. That's over and done with. Let's go watch the tape and see how we can get better."Jackson said he has no issues with Haley."There's nothing wrong with my relationship with Haley," he said. "I said what I said last week, and obviously, it had legs Derwin Gray Jersey 2019 , but I never said I wanted to take away play calling. I said I wanted to help. That's it. Now all of the sudden it's this big ol' thing because sure everyone's going to look and say what's going on? The only thing that's going on is we need to get better. We need to coach better."Jackson believes he still has the attention of his players, and isn't concerned about them giving in."Still up," he said about the team's overall mood. "Frustrated, mad, don't like to lose like that. But this team will stick together and keep fighting."Defensive end Myles Garrett raised some eyebrows when he was asked if the Browns, who tied the Steelers in Week 1 and beat the Ravens in overtime on Oct. 8, are going backward."I think we just took the wrong approach this time," he said, referring to Cleveland's defensive game plan. "I think we should've just stayed with what we did the first time, just go with base calls and punch them in the mouth."Browns rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield threw a pair of touchdown passes, but spent much of the day under pressure from Pittsburgh's rush.Mayfield was only sacked twice, and he did all he could to avoid a question about the Jackson-Haley relationship."I try not to pay attention to that stuff," he said. "I'm invested in the game plan and invested in trying to learn and grow with some of these receivers. Trying to get the timing down, trying to get the trust, so that's above my pay grade. I'm not worried about that. When it comes down to it, we come out here, we have to play the game to win."Browns left guard Joel Bitonio echoed Mayfield's remarks. He wasn't going to get caught in a perceived tug-of-war between his coaches or comment on Haley, who had a forgettable return trip to Pittsburgh as an opponent after six seasons as the team's offensive coordinator."We're trying to do our best with what we have out there," Bitonio said. "I don't think you can pinpoint it on one person."
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