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their new stadium.

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PříspěvekZaslal: čt Říj 11, 2018 7:32    Předmět: their new stadium. Citovat

BEREA Authentic Mason Cole Jersey , Ohio (AP) — Browns offensive coordinator Todd Haley awoke Wednesday and discovered his phone was overloaded with text messages.

He became an overnight TV star.

Haley was impossible to miss in the second episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” He was everywhere, whether berating Corey Coleman for drops and lack of effort before the receiver asked to be traded; making fun of Carl Nassib’s parents for naming their baby “Carl”; hanging upside-down in coach Hue Jackson’s office on an inversion table or telling Pro Bowl receiver Jarvis Landry to mentor rookie Antonio Callaway.

“They showed everything, huh?” Haley said.

Beyond his on-screen appearances, Haley has made quite an impression during his first months with Cleveland after being fired by Pittsburgh following six seasons guiding the Steelers’ offense.

A former head coach in Kansas City, Haley has brought 22 years of NFL wisdom and a no-nonsense demeanor to the Browns, who are trying to dig out from a 0-16 season. He’s molding quarterbacks Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield, developing a young receiving corps that could soon add Dez Bryant and trying to instill mental toughness and discipline into a team that has lost 31 of its last 32 games.

The Browns are more talented, but Haley knows that won’t mean anything if they aren’t composed and controlled. And he knows what he’s looking for.

“Groups that are able to overcome bad portions of practice and bounce back, find ways to start to have success,” he said. “In games obviously you’re looking for a team that can bounce back within a game, bounce back after poor games. You’re looking for a team, a group that doesn’t back down, that continues to fight and is able to overcome some adversity.”

Haley has assumed play-calling duties from Jackson, who served as offensive coordinator the past two seasons.

Their partnership seems to be working, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t issues. The “Hard Knocks” cameras were rolling during a coaches’ meeting when both running backs coach Freddie Kitchens and Haley questioned Jackson about his policy to have some susceptible players sit out practices in an attempt to prevent soft-tissue injuries.

Jackson was basing his decision on analytical data. Haley was going on gut.

In Haley’s mind Patriots Game Jerseys , the Browns can’t change their culture if players are getting preferential treatment.

But although Haley disagrees with Jackson, he backs him.

“The great thing about here is coach Jackson gives us as assistant coaches the opportunity to speak our opinion,” Haley said. “Ultimately, it’s his decision of what he wants to do, and I’ll 100 percent support it. But that’s not always the case where assistants get to voice an opinion, their thoughts. And some of them, he’s going to take it. Some of them, he’s not. But whatever decision is made, I’m 100 percent behind.”

Haley, too, is in favor of the Browns considering Bryant.

The former Dallas star is scheduled to visit with Cleveland on Thursday, and if the Browns like what they see and hear from the free agent, they could sign him.

While Bryant isn’t the game-breaking, down-field threat he once was, Haley would still be open to adding him to Cleveland’s offense as long as he’s willing to buy into the team.

“If Dez Bryant Authentic Lamar Jackson Jersey , who obviously has been a good player in this league, is in that mix, he’s going to be coached like everybody else,” Haley said. “I tell everybody that shows up here we don’t care about what means got you here, if you’re willing to put your hand in the pile and work and be part of moving forward and having success, I’m all for it.”

It worked for the Falcons. And now it may work for the Lions.

Via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the Lions have slashed food and drink prices at Ford Field, with hot dogs and soda down to $2, and beer and cocktails as low as $3.

Some prices are lower within 60 minutes after doors open at the stadium, “at select locations.” So it’s not quite the same across-the-board reduction that the Falcons employed when opening their new stadium.

Whether this dynamic becomes a trend remains to be seen. Some teams and stadium may be reluctant to surrender the ability to bilk a captive audience. Others may realize that, if prices are cheaper, fans will: (1) have a better experience; and (2) buy even more food and drink.

With the blackout rule long gone and the quality of home viewing improving all the time, the goal should be to get people to pay the money to show up. If they don’t also have to pay exorbitant amounts for pink tubes of ground up cow and pig parts that otherwise can’t be sold along with other stuff they could get much cheaper at the local grocery store, it can’t hurt.
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