Burmese jade Red peace buckle natural jade pendant
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#1: Burmese jade Red peace buckle natural jade pendant Autor: feicuijade PříspěvekZaslal: čt Pro 06, 2018 12:16
New species. Also known as "new pit." The new species is characterized by a tight structure (only with old species) More than that. Due to the change in density, a new kind of quality inequality has formed. A few new species of school can catch up with the "new and old species". The water head of the land is sufficient, natural jadeand the level is semi-transparent. To the level of hard green, in contrast to the color, it is not as thick and deep as the old ones. It is also a high-end jade collection. The new species with poor texture, the ground is slightly transparent or completely porcelain, and the color is dim and dry. It is a cheap accessory. All of these quality differences in new species are mainly due to the quality level of the land, and the root cause is the density of the structure. After the old jade is lighted, it can emit hard light, and the new kind of light is not "hard", which is the direct cause of the texture structure. The picture below is a new kind of emerald pendant with less engraving. The theme is a peach shape. There is a small beast on the peach. Take the homonym of "Shou Tao" for longevity. If you have it, you can live for a long time. It is people. A good wish. There is no engraving ornament on the green peach, which shows that the texture of Cui is very good, there is no impurity, jade ringsno cracks in the willow, green and elegant, and good transparency. It is a rare good crest, and it is also a typical new jade.

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