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Between 1976 and 1992, the NFL Draft

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In 1993 Rashan Gary Jersey , the NFL made some changes to the draft process with the biggest coming in the form of the number of rounds. 12 rounds. Prior to that, it was 17 or more and, at one time, it was 32 rounds long. It had to be that long in those days due to various reason like the additional expansion teams that were being added as the league continued to grow.But after a while, the NFL realized it did not need 12 rounds anymore Hakeem Butler Jersey , and after the 1993 draft, the also knew that eight rounds was pushing it, so they cut it down to seven rounds. And it has been that way ever since.Since the original seven round NFL Draft in 1994, there have been some diamonds in the rough from the later rounds that have been discovered over the last 22 years that have become some of the best players in NFL history.We went ahead and found the 20 best players that were drafted after the third round since 1994 in the NFL. Some of them you might remember, some of them still play on Sundays, and a few of them might be relatively unknown to you Chris Lindstrom Jersey , until today. When it comes to professional athletes, NFL scouts, coaches, and owners already have an idea of what makes up the perfect athlete, at every position. For example, the prototypical NFL quarterback size is 6'2" http://www.falconsauthorizedsh.....ary-jersey , 215 lbs, with a 31" arm length and 9" hand span. They also know that a wide receiver should be 5'11", 185 lbs and a running back should be around 5'10", 215 lbs. Those are by no means the only thing that is measured, a long list of other variables combined with those sizes helps NFL front office personnel make decisions on the futures of incoming rookies.The only thing they will never be able to measure is how these players will be able to handle the pressure of playing in the NFL. Can they lead an Offense to the Super Bowl? Will they be able to run the defense and turn them into one of the league's best? Do they have the X-factor?The X-factor is the one measurable that every NFL scout, coach Kendall Sheffield Jersey , and owner would love to have but is impossible to calculate. It is that special quality that is essential for success. It is a combination of things like a player's passion, drive, talent, and that special quality that is tough to explain but easy to notice once you see the player in action. It's the "It" factor of sports.As the 2016 NFL season winds down, we decided to put together a list of the X-Factor from every NFL team for this season.
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