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If Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. publicly questioning

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PříspěvekZaslal: čt Pro 06, 2018 4:00    Předmět: If Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. publicly questioning Citovat

of his teammates didn’t cause real problems within the organization Aldrick Rosas Jersey , Beckham’s new ESPN interview definitely will.His sit-down with Josina Anderson, which for some reason had Lil Wayne to Beckham’s left, included Beckham openly expressing concerns about Beckham being聽outschemed.As to whether the Giants have an issue at quarterback, Beckham said, “Uh, I don’t know.” Beckham also didn’t provide a quick and unconditional “yes” when asked if he’s happy in New York; Beckham said, “That’s a tough question.”It’s a strange and bizarre development for a player who signed a new contract in August that included a $20 million signing bonus and $65 million in guarantees. If he wanted out (and apparently he does) Authentic Rhett Ellison Jersey , Beckham could have done a lot of things other than take the team’s money.He could have held out. He could have had his agent work behind the scenes to lobby for a trade. He could have made it clear that he’s determined to do whatever he has to do to get out of New York, including going year to year under the franchise tag until he’s traded.There’s also a chance that this is part of Beckham’s strategy, with the goal of getting paid by the Giants and then forcing a trade elsewhere. If that’s his strategy, however, it’s not a good strategy.Randy Moss (who knows a thing or two about creating distractions for a football team) criticized Beckham’s performance in the interview. Charles Woodson worked hard to find a way to support Beckham, ultimately settling on the notion that Beckham was simply providing honest answers to direct questions. (That’s never a good excuse for saying things publicly that should only be said privately.) Anderson, who surely hopes to preserve her access to Beckham Youth Kerry Wynn Jersey , took issue with the criticism expressed by Moss, arguing that Beckham’s comments flow directly from a desire to win.Confidence? Giants’ fans riding volatile wave thus far in 2018 The confidence, or lack thereof, of New York Giants fans in their team is showing stock market-like volatility through the first four weeks of the season.After crashing from a pre-season high of 89 percent in our FanPulse survey to a low of 16 percent when the Giants were 0-2 after two weeks, a Week 3 victory over the Houston Texans has seen the fan confidence reflected in our weekly survey shoot back up to 54 percent.That 38 percent jump is the second-highest among fan bases surveyed by SB Nation. The week before, fan base confidence plummeted by a remarkable 67 percent. The fan base, it seems Curtis Riley Jersey , doesn’t quite know whether or not to believe in the Giants yet.Detroit Lions’ fans voting at Pride of Detroit saw their confidence rise 48 percent, to 66 percent overall, after their team defeated the New England Patriots.As for the New Orleans Saints, the Giants’ opponent this Sunday, 81 percent of fans voting at Canal Street Chronicles are confident in the direction of the 2-1 Saints as they head to MetLife Stadium.See our Giants-Saints Hub Page for all of our coverage leading up to Sunday’s game.Want to take part in our weekly FanPulse surveys? SIGN UP HERE.
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