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All About Supplement
  All of the Methods  (stylized in all caps) is a tune recorded by American singer-songwriter All About Supplement, released as a promotional single for her upcoming third major-label studio album Treat Myself on June 20, 2018, and eventually serviced to sizzling adult up to date radio because the lead single from Trainor's second EP The Love Practice on February eleven, 2019. Greatest recognized for her 2014 anthem to ampleness, All About That Bass,” which at present has over 2 billion views on YouTube, Massachusetts singer-songwriter All About Supplement added futuristic synthesizers along with a roster of massive identify collaborators to her latest album, Treat Myself. Quite a few singles got here from the second album, like "Me Too" and "No." Neither had the identical longevity on the charts that "All About That Bass" or Meghan's other big single from "Title", "Lips Are Movin'", had. The overwhelming majority of successful Pop songs have a melody that is memorable and the bass and drums supply the generally unconscious elements of the tune that make it catchy”, that make a person snap their fingers.

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